How do I choose a landscaper?

Pure and simple, you need someone who can understand, plan, and implement your vision. Alpine Reflections is uniquely qualified to handle virtually all of your site’s needs in-house. This allows us to maintain a tight schedule and efficiency in creating your landscape from start to finish.

How far away will you travel?

We are based in the Gallatin valley but will take a look at projects in the Rocky Mountain Region.

How do I ensure that my finished landscape is a quality one?

Check your landscaper’s warranty. Be sure to check references with homeowners and other contractors. We would be glad to explain how the quality of our services saves you money initially and over time.

Are you available for consulting?

Yes, we offer consulting on all aspects of landscaping, site management, and outdoor design.

Will you work with existing designers and other landscapers?

Yes. We have a designer on staff, but have worked with numerous other designers and landscape architects from Montana as well as out of state. Our primary goal is to help you enjoy your surroundings to their fullest potential. We are adept at understanding a landscaping vision and carrying it through to completion.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2000.

Do you guarantee your work?

Our plant materials are guaranteed for one year and include all labor and materials. Our flatwork is guaranteed against settling for five years. This includes all labor and materials as well. Most other landscapers’ guarantees only include materials.

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