In a semiarid region like Southwest Montana, a properly calibrated irrigation system is essential for a healthy landscape. Although wetter years may supply enough moisture to keep most plants alive without supplementary water, the below average years can be devastating on even larger, well established plants. Therefore, we strongly emphasize the importance of automated irrigation in virtually all circumstances. It is the backbone of our one year plant guarantee and the best means of providing the customer with a mature landscape as soon as possible. Not only is it critical for plants to receive supplementary water, they need to receive the right amount of water.

Many factors contribute to the planning of an effective irrigation system such as soil and plant types, sloped areas, and microclimates. We take the time necessary to make sure that these and other factors are accounted for when designing an automated system. Rather than cutting cost whenever possible, we use quality Rain Bird components insuring great performance and minimal upkeep and repairs. The possibility for expansion is considered for each system when installing the main infrastructure. We do not take the mindless approach of blanketing the entire landscape with the same amount of water regardless of individual plant need.

Another method we encourage to be water efficient is to install a rain sensor, which will pause system operation when there is sufficient rain fall. Through experience we have developed effective methods for irrigating each category of plant type during each stage of its life cycle. We utilize the benefits of both sprinkler and drip irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation is more cost effective and is the best application for large areas of vegetation, and drip irrigation is more efficient and perfectly specific to individual plants. A lack or over abundance of water can have a dramatic impact on plant health or life. The investment made in an automated irrigation system helps to ensure that the often much larger investment made in plant material is protected.

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