Grade change in a landscape can often be viewed as an obstacle, but we view it as an opportunity to add a beautiful element to your property. As with stone flatwork, many different materials and methods are available to install retaining, but we believe the natural beauty and creative possibilities of stone are unsurpassed by any other material. Properly constructed retaining systems offer lasting functionality by controlling erosion, adding structural stability, and blending the site back into the surroundings. Vertical retaining can effectively define an outdoor room by giving one a sense of separation of space. Examples of this are a sunken patio, raised garden, or a leveled lawn. Retaining may also be necessary to enable a flat walking or driving surface on a sloped site. We have a varied portfolio of installed retaining systems that illustrate our ability and attention to detail in constructing an equally functional and artful retaining wall. Our stone masons are particular when placing every hand stone, boulder, or stone tread. Since collected field stones, boulders, and treads are often covered in years of lichen and weathered details, we strive to minimize the exposure of any soil line and broken or unattractive surface in the finished product. Due to our experience and attention to detail in many types of drastic grade change scenarios, we are confident that we will surpass your expectations with the quality and durability of our work.

Another effective method of grade change management is the application of seed injected compost containing a tackifier, which acts as a seed and soil securing agent. It is the best option for securing a large slope where the erosion of topsoil can become an issue, especially in areas with heavy spring runoff and a short growing season which can make establishment difficult. Beyond securing the seed and soil, the pneumatically applied compost and tackifier mixture is the ideal seed germination and growing medium as the seed is kept in a consistently moist and nutrient rich environment. Because the seed is injected into the mixture, it is evenly distributed over the entire treated area. The result is an evenly full, green, and natural appearing slope in a fraction of the time as any other seeding method.

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