Several different types of material are available to use in constructing flat, hard surfaces for the different functions in the landscape. We believe that no flatwork material captures the beauty and authenticity of the outdoors more than natural, quarried flagstone. Flagstone surfaces help engage one into the landscape by separating them from the formality of the indoors while providing a clean, reliable surface for walking or sitting. Dry set flagstone surfaces are water permeable for drainage and have the option to be softened with groundcover plant material introduced into spaces between stones. Dry set flagstone has a softer and more organic appearance than mortar set flagstone. We have a full portfolio of dry set and mortar set flagstone projects. Both options share many great qualities, but offer slightly different functions. Some differences between the two installation methods are cost, permeability, and formality.

We use varying types of flagstone to create engaging patios, entryways, and paths. Properly placed stone is truly an art form that we have perfected over the years while striving to create a visually pleasing and reliable flat surface. In order to achieve this, our flagstone flatwork goes through a more detailed construction process than most may initially think. All flagstone surfaces we build have a substantial compacted sub grade. Each stone is packed individually with a course material that does not wash out like sand and holds in place much better than sand. Our flatwork is installed with proper surface drainage. Pieces of stone that are too small or thin are not used as they can become loose, rise up over time, or break.

Finally, we create a visually appealing surface by using varying stone sizes, keeping as many natural edges as possible, weathering any cut edge, using organically shaped pieces, keeping a consistent joint width, and not using any overly rough stones. As a result, the end product is something with which we are confident you will be very satisfied. Our five year warranty against settling or excessive spalling is due to our confidence in the exceptional quality of the finished product.

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